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Earth's last hope is in your hands, take control of the lone spaceship and protect Earth from alien swarms attack. Your goal will be quite challenging as you will have to save the Universe from its evil enemies. In this space shooting game, you will be facing an increasingly large number of infinity galaxy enemies. As the game progresses, you will earn the right to upgrade your spacecraft to unleash its full rocket lethal capacity.
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Sep 21, 2023
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Once again planet earth is under attack by the aliens and this time they are more strong so you have to take the responsibility to protect your people from them. For this purpose, you need the game called Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter which is the number one arcade game on the internet as millions of people are playing it to save planet earth.

In this game you will get multiple spacecraft which you can use to kill those aliens. This game has more than 150 plus different levels to play which is why you need good shooting skills in order to reach the top. Graphics are pretty high and everything looks great in this game.

You can also play missions to get big rewards for yourself. Galaxy attack alien shooter game is well optimized and provides the best gaming experience that’s why players are completely satisfied with this game. This shooting game is known for its amazing features so let’s talk about those features in detail.

What is Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter APK?

This game is launched in standard version which is also known as basic regular version. You don’t need to pay to get this game on your device because it is 100% free to download but it has premium items that are completely paid. That’s why you have to purchase them if you want access to them. This game has ads which will interrupt you by showing small video ads.

What is Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter Mod APK?

Galaxy attack alien shooter also has an advanced version which is also known as a modified version. This version is very famous on the internet because it provides all premium items and features of this shooting game without charging a single penny. You don’t even need to spend money on anything after getting this game in the hacked version. Plus there will be zero ads that’s why you can play in peace. 

Shoot Aliens

In this game you are the last hope of your people because aliens are destroying everything which is why you have to face them alone. Get in your spacecraft and shoot aliens with your guns and lasers. There will be lots of alien ships in space so you need to be careful but if you get hit by their attack then your spacecraft will be destroyed. Kill them all to move on to the next round.

160 Plus Levels

This game has more than 160 levels which you can play in this game to fight with the aliens. But you have to unlock them one by one as all of them will be locked at the start of this game. This game is based on these levels which means that’s how you can end this game by completing these levels. Difficulty will increase with time so you need to improve your skills.

Different Missions

Galaxy attack alien shooter game also has some extra missions for you that you can play to get more fun from this game. All these missions in this game will come with big rewards which you can earn but first you need to clear them on time otherwise you will lose everything. You play multiple battles with evil bosses in this game.


As you are alone in this game with so many enemies that’s why you need a good spacecraft with updated guns and lasers. Galaxy attack alien shooter game has this upgrade feature which you can use to enhance the power of your weapons that will help you to kill more alien ships at once. So make sure to update all your ships to face more power.

Battle with Boss

After shooting small alien ships you will reach their boss ship where you have to battle with him. But that’s not an easy task because you need fully upgraded ships and weapons to face the boss. They will come with their alien mates. That’s why you need to be good with your gaming skills otherwise it will become very hard for you to kill them all.

Multiplayer Mode

This is a great feature of the galaxy attack alien shooter game as now you can play this game with your friends and millions of other players. Multiplayer mode supports 1 vs 1 player round or you can play 1 vs 3 players in this game. Show other people your good shooting skills by challenging them in online multiplayer mode.

Easy to Play Game

This alien shooting game is very easy to play as it has no complex controls. That’s why you will never face hurdles while playing it. All you need to do is touch your mobile screen to move your spacecraft in this game. This game is available for all group age people because it is very easy to play.

Unlimited Free Money

In this amazing version you will get free unlimited money which you can use to upgrade all your weapons and lasers without any restrictions. You can enjoy this free money only in the mod version so if you also want unlimited money without any hard work then download this galaxy attack alien shooter in this hacked version.

Free Premium Items

Galaxy attack alien shooter has premium resources which are paid so you need to spend money to unlock those resources in mid version. But now in the mod apk version you don’t need to spend money on anything because everything in this version will be free to use. All premium features are completely free of cost.

Ad Free

In this cracked version you will never have to watch video ads or pop ups because it is an ad free version. You will enjoy a complete game without advertisements. That’s why people always prefer this modded version when it comes to this game. So get this game and play without interruptions.

One Hit Kill

This is a great feature by mod version where you don’t need to hit alien ships again and again because you will get one hit kill in this game. Just aim at your target and hit at once then your opponent will be killed. So if you want to get this feature in this game then download it in the mod version.


Galaxy attack alien shooter is the best shooting game on the internet with all these interesting features. That’s why it has positive reviews and good ratings. So join the ultimate space battle by downloading this game from our website. Play this game to save your planet from aliens and write your gaming feedback in the comment box with other players.


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