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Sep 25, 2023
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Mi Video is not only a regular video player, but also a video editing and streaming platform, all under a single application! You can transfer videos from different resources, and save a copy in your drive. This App also gives you video previews during the download process. You can replace it with your phone’s current video player because it has much more features and options. You can easily play with larger file sizes within seconds. The compression tool helps you shrink the pixel size so that the videos don’t take up a lot of space on your phone.

Get Mi Video Apk Now!

This isn’t merely a video player but a platform that provides you with all the commands you need to process, download and edit videos. This application also provides access to advanced format-switching to help you switch to a new format. There are commands and tools for editing functions too.

Features of Mi Video Apk

High Versatility

This is a super versatile video editing application, meaning that no matter what current format your video file exists in, you can add it to this App without any problems.

Two-in-one functions

This diverse Application serves a two-in-function, which means that you can use it as your regular video playing gallery, as well as an editing software to make various changes to video clips.

Frame adjustments

The frame adjustment feature allows you to make several modifications to different frames in a video. Videos are generally split up into individual frames, for easier editing.

Cropping Tools

The efficient and neat cropping tools help you rescue the screen size of a video, and omit several things from it. Just like you crop a picture to get rid of unnecessary things, you can do the same to videos.

Superlative Results

This App ensures the provision of high-quality, superlative results that much the proficiency of professional editing software. You can get all the tools you need to edit the videos correctly.

Playback Speed

The playback speed of videos is a function that you can edit as well. This feature tells how fast or slow the frame rate of a clip is per second. You can add the slow-motion effect too.

Easy sharing options

After you finish editing your clip, you probably want others to see and praise your work. For this purpose, use the share button to share the edited clip anywhere you want.

Unlock audio editing

You can unlock the audio editing options with the mod version, and layer music on different clips and videos.

Add free animations

There are plenty of free animations you can add from the App’s library. You can export animations from the web too!

HD Effects

Enjoy HD effects and filters on all of your videos. You can add realistic, graphic effects with supreme quality.

Why Do People Like Mi Video Apk Mod?

This version has the most optimal set of advanced functions that are free to use. You can use all of the editing commands for free and even crop clips out of your videos. You can use the subtitle command to add different captions and text to your video clip.

Download Mi Video Apk Latest Version 2022

There are many new features you can enjoy such as the resizing tools and background removing commands. You can get both of these in the new version.

Mi Video Apk 2022 Download

This platform works as two-in-one software because it lets you edit and play videos at the same time. You don’t have to install separate players and editors on your phone anymore. You can make a lot of adjustments to your video clips and professionalize them effectively.

Downloading Mi Video Mod Apk

Before you install the App completely, first you have to transfer the file’s hyperlink to your device’s internal disk drive. After this process, you have to turn off the security scanning function of your phone to prevent the deletion of the file. Then, you can click and completely install it.

Final Verdict

This video-playing and editing application can serve multiple functions for you! The most high-end feature of this App is that it can work with any video format! There are no pop-up notifications that tell you that the file isn’t compatible with the App’s version because of its versatility.


Q. What kind of adjustments can I make with Mi Video Mod Apk?

You can make several types of adjustments to your video clips. You can make them go in slow-motion and crop stuff out of them too! You can layer multiple clips together!

Q. Can I edit the frame size with Mi Video Mod Apk?

You can resize the video frames and alter their duration as well. You can break the video down into smaller frames to make the editing process easier to perform.



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