Shadowverse CCG APK + MOD (Damage, Health Multiplier)

"One of my favorite games this year" - IGN
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Shadowverse Mod APK is a top-tier multiplayer turn-based card game that has a community of over one million people that play the game regularly.

About Shadowverse CCG

Shadowverse CCG (Collectible Card Game) is a popular digital trading card game developed by Cygames. It was first released in Japan in 2016 and has since gained a large following worldwide. The game is available on various platforms, including iOS, Android, Steam, and PlayStation 4.


Shadowverse CCG is a game where players build decks of cards and battle against each other. Each player starts with a set number of health points, and the goal is to reduce the opponent’s health points to zero. Players take turns playing cards from their hand, which can be creatures, spells, or amulets. The cards have various effects and abilities, and the game requires strategy and planning to win.


Shadowverse CCG has an extensive collection of cards, with over 8,000 cards available in the game. The cards are divided into seven different classes, each with its unique playstyle and abilities. The classes are Forestcraft, Swordcraft, Runecraft, Dragoncraft, Shadowcraft, Bloodcraft, and Havencraft. Each class has its own set of cards, which can be collected and used to build decks.

Deck Building

Deck building is an essential aspect of Shadowverse CCG. Players can create custom decks by selecting cards from their collection. Each deck must have at least 40 cards, with a maximum of three copies of each card allowed. Players can also create multiple decks for each class, allowing them to experiment with different playstyles and strategies.


Shadowverse CCG has a rich lore and story that is told through the game’s single-player campaigns. The campaigns follow the stories of various characters and explore the world of Shadowverse. The campaigns are challenging and require players to use their deck building and strategic skills to progress.


Shadowverse CCG has an active competitive scene, with regular tournaments and events held worldwide. Players can compete against each other in online tournaments or participate in official offline events. The game’s competitive scene is well-supported, with cash prizes and rewards available for top-performing players.

Graphics and Sound

Shadowverse CCG has stunning graphics and a beautiful art style. The cards and characters are well-designed and animated, making the game visually appealing. The game also features a fantastic soundtrack, with a mix of epic and catchy tunes that complement the gameplay.


Shadowverse CCG is an excellent digital trading card game with an extensive collection of cards, challenging gameplay, and a rich story. The game’s deck building and strategic elements make it engaging and rewarding for players who enjoy a good challenge. The game’s graphics and sound are also top-notch, making it an enjoyable and immersive experience. Overall, Shadowverse CCG is a must-play for fans of the trading card game genre.

MOD APK version of Shadowverse CCG

MOD feature

  • Damage multiplier
  • Health multiplier


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