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“In a time of gun and sword, the magical stone that maintains the balance of the world is stolen by high-tech aliens. The world is hanging on a thin thread. It all depends on you retrieving the magical stone…”
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Sep 22, 2023
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Soul Knight Mod APK – A pixel roguelike shoot’em up that blends action and survival. Start your dungeon adventure now!

About Soul Knight

Soul Knight is a fast-paced action-adventure game with a pixel art style. The game takes place in a magical world where the objective is to explore dungeons, collect weapons and items, defeat enemies, and ultimately defeat the bosses.

What is Soul Knight?

A harmonious symphony between the art of game making and video games. The combination between tradition and modern gameplay is an impressive highlight of Soul Knight that few modern games can catch up. This game is a testament to the fact that, even if it is an 8-bit game, they never go out of style for a longtime gamer. The developer has been very skillful when developing that unique single-player gameplay into Soul Knight.

Soul Knight is a roguelike adventure game. The game was launched on February 17, 2017 on Android and iOS operating systems by ChillyRoom Inc. Although taking the main color and interface as 2D, hot trendy of 4-button games of the 70s, Soul Knight has done unimaginable things that “brothers” of the same age like Wayward Souls or Crypt of the Necrodancer Pocket Edition can’t do.

Extremely rich characters and NPCs

It’s not wrong when saying that: The more talented generals are, the stronger soldiers become. This game is a typical example. The first point that makes players attracted to Soul Knight is the extremely diverse and rich character class. There are currently 14 characters in all. Each character has their own starting stats, moves, and weapons. In addition, you can buy characters with Geme. What’s more, each character has their own unique outfit, which can be earned in a variety of ways. Players can select and upgrade characters in the lobby by touching them.

Therefore, experiencing a variety of characters will make it very difficult for players to get bored of the game, because each champion will have different abilities, unique network weaknesses.

In addition, the game’s NPCs are also extremely diverse and make Soul Knight more attractive than ever. Each NPC will say something interesting when the player interacts with them in the lobby. Furthermore, if the player has unlocked that character, it can appear as an NPC during gameplay and can follow the player throughout the level. A special feature is that they also have the same characteristics as the player, such as being able to burn, pick up weapons, fight as companions….


Players control a hero character as they navigate through procedurally generated levels filled with traps, puzzles, and enemies. The hero has the ability to shoot, dodge, and use special abilities to defeat enemies. The game features a variety of weapons, including guns, swords, bows, and magic spells. There are also a variety of items to collect, such as potions, keys, and treasure chests. The game also includes various game modes, including solo play and co-op multiplayer.


Soul Knight features a wide range of characters, each with their own unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Players can unlock new characters as they progress through the game, each with their own unique playstyle and abilities.


Soul Knight features a retro pixel art style that adds to the game’s overall charm. The graphics are bright, colorful, and full of personality. The game also features a variety of environments, each with its own unique style and design.


The game features an energetic and upbeat soundtrack that complements the fast-paced action. The sound effects are also well done and add to the overall immersion of the game.

Overall, Soul Knight is an entertaining and addictive game that offers a challenging and engaging experience for players of all skill levels.

MOD APK version of Soul Knight


  • One hit kill
  • God mode
  • Unlimited energy
  • Unlimited skills
  • No skill CD
  • Bullet speed multiplier [x1 – x5]
  • Unlocked all heros
  • Unlocked all skins
  • Unlocked all skills
  • Unlimited gems
  • Free shopping


– Free purchases for real money;
– Disabled ads;
– All planting sites unlocked;
– After starting the game, click on the round button at the top left to open the mod menu with the following features:

  1. Endless diamonds;
  2. Endless energy;
  3. Remove skill cooldown;
  4. Impudence;
  5. Immunity to influences (fire, ice, gas, traps);
  6. Dumb bots;
  7. Seeds are not wasted;
  8. Open all weapons blueprints for the Blacksmith’s Table;
  9. Open all blueprints in the robotics factory;
  10. Get 1000 materials (no blueprints!);
  11. Instant kill.

Download Soul Knight APK & MOD for Android

Soul Knight game gives you a completely different experience from mobile role-playing games. With its signature pixel graphics, engaging gameplay, unique features and various game modes, this is truly one of the best games on the market right now. If you are an action game enthusiast, please don’t miss Soul Knight!



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