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In-game regional economies are in poor condition, transport systems are suffering losses, enterprises and factories are idle, and the transport network is not properly maintained. Are you ready to change the situation? Download the 2D train simulator game and put on the shoes of a real train driver!
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Mar 3, 2023
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When we get bored we look for an interesting and good game which we can enjoy. 

Today I am going to introduce a game which is interesting and full of surprises. The name of this game is train simulator. In simulation games you can experience the real driving of cars, planes, trains etc.

This game is all about driving trains and getting a real experience of trains. It is designed in India. You can also travel all over India in this game. You can enjoy the most amazing places of India in this game.

The game has daily challenges for you to complete and by completing them you will get rewards. To become more interesting the developers of this game have also added missions for the players at every level.

The more missions you pass the harder the game gets. You can also upgrade your trains in this game. This game is designed very uniquely to entertain you.

Everyone should try this game and have some experience about trains.

What is train simulator Apk?

The train simulator Apk is a simulation game in which you can experience about the trains and train stations.

You will have a variety of trains in this game. You can buy different models of the train. The train simulator has lots of interesting features for their users.

 In this game you can explore and learn many things like driving and all. If you also love trains like me then you must try this simulation game.

 You will never feel that you are playing a game, you will always feel that all these things are real.

What is train simulator mod apk?

Train simulator mod apk is the hack version of the game. This game is the most famous and amazing game on the play store with many awesome features.

 But there are some features which people cannot enjoy. Those features are only for the premium users. So in the Mod version we provide you those features for free.

 And you will also get unlimited coins in the Mod version. You will get every item unlocked in the game. You can easily upgrade your trains and buy items for them. You can also buy the new models of your trains.

 In the Mod version there would be no worries about coins. The coins will never end in this version. You can also make friends by trading. You can get to know the other train drivers by playing with them.

 In the Mod version you can also don’t get any ad which means you can go ad free. Now you can play your game without the interruption of boring promotion ads.


Simple games are always boring. A game becomes interesting when it has missions and hurdles.

 In this game you will get interesting missions in every level of game. Missions are the reason why people play games because no one wants a simple game.

People get bored by playing the same thing all day. This is why they have fixed different missions and by the time they will get harder.

According to your progress in the game they will give you missions to complete in every level. They also give you daily challenges.

When you complete them the game will give you rewards.

Travel all India

This game is basically made in India and you will get to travel all over India in this game. By this game you can learn about some awesome cities of India.

You have to travel by train and since this is a simulation game everything you will see or travel in will be real.


This game has awesome graphics in it. As this game is based on India you will see the beautiful sides of India by the graphics of the game.

The graphics of this game will impress you with its creativity. We all know that this game is all about India so you can also see some amazing and beautiful places of India with the help of graphics of the game.

The graphics of this game will impress you at every step.

Train Driving Experience

As you all know, this is a simulation driving game of trains. So in this game you will drive the train by yourself and get experience of how to drive a train.

In this game you can learn how to control trains in different situations. As the missions of this game get harder by the levels, the driving will also get harder and harder so you have to be careful at every step.

You have to drive like a real train driver.

Unlocked all items

In the Mod version you will get everything unlocked for free. Now you can get premium items for free.

Every model of train is unlocked in this version. In this mod version of the train simulator you can enjoy each and every feature of premium for free.

Unlimited coins

Collecting coins in this game is hard, you cannot collect them easily. The advantage of collecting coins is that you can buy your favorite items and also upgrade your trains but this is not easy.

You have more and more time to buy those things. By playing every time and collecting money every time you will get bored. People don’t enjoy it much like this.

But the Mod version has solved your problem by giving you unlimited coins. Now you have unlimited coins and with them you can buy anything in the game.

 You can never get out of coins. The amount of coins will remain the same.

Different models train

If you don’t know about trains then this is the best game for you. Most of the people don’t have knowledge about trains.

This game will give you all the knowledge. In this game there will be different kinds of models of trains and every model is special in their own way because of their features.

In the Mod version you can easily buy your favorite model of train and get the specialities of every model for free.

Get to know different people

In this game you can get to know about different peoples. You can make friends from this game.

Like pubg you can get friends from people all over the world. You can make friends with the other train drivers.

With the help of trade in the train station you can easily get to know the other train drivers.


There are a lot of simulation games that you can play in your leisure time but in my eyes the way this game is designed, no other game can compare this one.

This is a pure simulation game with so many different features for us. When you download the Mod version you will get extra features as compared to the Apk version.

The Mod version has gained more popularity then the Apk version.



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